Combat & Insanity Mode

In Stage 3, the combat is a blend between strategic and action / real time combat.

You'll have a total of 6 different stances - each stance is unique, has its own inherited stats, and can be combined with the rest in order to create a combo needed for each situation you face. The player has a list of combos he can make by changing stances during combat. Each stance is composed by 3 hits. In addition, they can launch spells to the enemy if they have acquired them. Also, the player can block and dodge attacks. If blocked perfectly the player performs a parry reducing any damage given to him to 0 and causing the enemy (if the enemy is melee class) to stagger. Lastly, they can use special items acquired like potions.


The player has a total of 6 stances he can learn. He starts with two of them, and acquires more as he defeats bosses and inherits their abilities condensed into an stance.

Each stance gives you different attributes, like more attack, or more defense, among others. Also, they consist of three attacks: two light buildup attacks and one signature attack.

Combining stances is key in Stage 3. You can choose to combine attacks however you feel like, and however the situation calls. Every attack from every stance can be combined, as long as they don’t break the attack order.

Insanity Mode

Insanity mode is a state where the player loses control of his mind, and reality around him becomes warped. In order to enter Insanity mode, your sanity bar needs to drop to critical levels by fighting, exploring, or opening doors.

The more you progress within the game, the more your Sanity bar drops - Once it reaches critical levels, you'll enter a state where everything turns bizarre - the environment seems warped, your actions and attacks become wild, and so do the enemies attack and behavior.
While in this mode, you won't only face tougher enemies - both in strategy and power - but you will also receive higher quality loot.

Once you enter Insanity mode, the player starts losing control of himself which can be noticed in all the actions the player can take. This effect also affects enemies around him, and the entire level as well - enemies gain aggressive attack patterns, new skills and stats.
Loot drop rate is increased, as well as the quality of it.

Death while in insanity mode causes you to lose the game and all of the items you are carrying, so it displays a clear example of high risk, high reward

In order to get out of this mode, you need to warp out to Carnelian’s Repose, or drink sanity replenishing potions.