Enemy Factions

In Stage 3 you will encounter several types of enemies. All of them have their own unique specialties in combat, some of them will use brute force to face you while others will use more complex tactics.

There are three main enemy factions: Sanctum Order, Heiron Alliance and Viridian Resistance. Each one of them characterize in specific combat styles and will work in combination with other factions to create a challenging fights.

The foes you will be facing inside the castle are no joke. They were companions, old war buddies - so they know formations, they know how to attack you, when to attack you, and their own team's weaknesses.

Some times you'll encounter scattered enemies inside the random rooms you'll explore, but sometimes you'll face an organized group, with a smart attack formation, or perhaps a surprising one! Feeling like a raid boss from MMORPGS won't feel as nice when you face a team of two tanks, a healer and three DPS mages.

When you enter the Insanity mode, enemies will also be affected by it. They'll earn new skills, act less coordinated - even the enemies that seemed to be supports, won't be so harmless anymore!

The Sanctum Order believes that their legacy has the highest priority in the whole existence - so they instruct their children to strive to become the best wizards by pushing them way beyond their limits; that’s why there aren’t many mages in the order - most of them die due to the hard training. That makes sure only the strongest, and the ones who can adapt and evolve, stay alive.

Elemental power and manipulations skills are what make wizards capable of creating destruction and chaos within seconds. Since their early childhood they are chosen to become proficient in one element of the following: fire, ice, wind, dark and light. Depending on their personality traits, they follow the path of one element and become masters of their profession.

Sanctum Order enemies can turn the battle into a battlefield that will take your strategic skills to action in order to win the battle. Be aware of their movements, because they can injure you quite heavily, heal allies, and more important than that, is that they can take control of the fight quite easily by using crowd control spells - if they’re in a party.

The Heiron Alliance maintained order in the capital of Azariah. Mostly of them are young people who wanted to take a name to their family by joining the imperial forces and becoming the greatest general in history.

It is this personality that separates them from the common masses, their perseverance in combat training makes them a tough challenge for anyone who dares facing them in the battlefield. Also, they are heavily skilled on both offensive and defensive combat movements, combined with their mastery of the use of the sword.

Heiron Alliance enemies can be hard to defeat if encountered in a group. The battle can turn up against you if you don’t have the patience to strike back in the right time. Be careful when you encounter a high rank Heiron Alliance unit - they’re the most
combat- experienced enemies in the game.

The Viridian Resistance started as a group of heavily skilled assassins, rogues, and mercenaries who were discontent with the current balance of the world. They wanted to shape it to their own vision - A world with no rulers, no kingdoms, no orders, and they will do whatever is necessary to see it through.

Most of them were recruited and trained by experts of the dark arts, combining their assassination skills with magic, making them a hybrid of both.

Experts in the art of hiding, they use it to their advantage to strike their opponents in the right time. They rely heavily on their attack to finish the enemy as quickly as possible, since they can’t defend themselves quite as good as the Heiron Alliance members, they use surprise attacks to ambush the opponent.

Viridian Resistance members come with several types of assassins and can’t be underestimated. The combination of sword fighting and elemental attacks can make heavy damage and wear you down, if you don’t evade or block their attacks on time.