Stage 3 - Weekly update 2

This week has come with very important updates on gameplay and combat system. You are now able to switch between 3 combat stances and create your own combos!


  • The Damage that the player does to the enemies depends on the weapon and the type of animation.
  • Fixed movement behavior while attacking.
  • Now you are able to change between 3 Combat Stances.
  • You can now find chests and find new items inside them.
  • User Interface now detects if you are using a Keyboard and mouse or a Gamepad Controller and changes the UI accordingly.
  • Added random loot spawner.

Visual Arts

  • Added Item Pickup special effects.
  • Added Portal Gate that will allow you to return to your base.
  • Finished in-game versions of upcoming weapons for "Common" type.
  • Added three different types of chests.
  • Added UI mockup for the summary of the last round.
  • Added new Game Over title.
  • Added three types of death animation.

Game Design

  • The experience is now used to allocate points on the character stats.
  • You can now save gear obtained in the last round using a special chest found in the level.
  • New special titles added to the character. They give different attributes.

That's all for this week! Will come with more updates soon.