Koa Dev Diary - Modular Knights !!

It has been a while since we developed some knights for the first time right?!  (

So in this opportunity we want to share with you something we are currently working on for a future project !!

Modular Knight Characters !!!


Right now they are on high poly so the next step is to make the low poly versions, UVs and a lot of bakes!

Meanwhile you can check just a 4 variations of thousands available to customize the character:

And here are some render tests to have fun!

Don't hesitate to post your comments if you have any!


Game Ready: Enemy Knights Giveaway!

Hey! taking advantage that the global game jam is just around the corner, we've taken the chance to release some of our old assets!

Feel free to use them howhever you want in your projects!

I hope you find them very usefull for your current projects or for anything you plan to do in the future.

Do you like them? Is there anything we are missing right now?

Lets us know in the comment section below!

Thank you !