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New Official video: Ready, Platform, Go!

Hey guys !!

We are super excited to show you the Official Video of RPG!

You'll be able to check all of the new features included in this package, we are very sure you'll love it! 

We know you love it right? And if you dont, tell us why in the comment section below!

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On Development: Ready Platform Go! - Unreal Marketplace

Hey, everyone! we are now working on some cool new packages, this one is our solution to creating platforms for any game that you are working on. It will be coming soon to the Unreal Marketplace, so stay tuned!

I will share with you some pictures and features to let you know what is it about!


  • Use Splines to create the platform trayectory.
  • Setup number of uses.
  • Activate Falling platforms and set their time before falling.
  • Use falling animations.
  • Toggle between movable or static platforms.
  • Activate them automatically or when you step on them.
  • Set the travel duration.
  • Set waiting time and toggle the "Wait to step on it" feature.
  • Activate loop travel and toggle closed loops.
  • Use Particle System trail.

So what do you think? is there anything we are missing?

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See ya!