Stage 3 - Weekly update 4

Weekly update 4 is out! There aren't big changes but it is significantly getting better little by little.


  • Improvements on the level hub.
  • Boss room layout finished.
  • Boos Room now spawns itself, the boss and the player correctly.
  • Added new type of enemy Swordsman.
  • Added parry reaction of melee enemies.
  • Implemented Item stacking inside the Inventory.
  • Modified Inventory User Interface to match the inventory size.
  • You can now obtain stacked Consumables from random loot boxes.

Visual arts

  • Added Return Portal visual effects.
  • Added Insanity mode visual style.
  • Added Hit visual effects.
  • Toned down bloom in some particles.
  • Ambient particles are now added to the environment.
  • Added a better visual representation when you open a chest.
  • Added knockback animations.
  • Added death animations for elemental attacks.

That's it for this week! Thanks for passing by, if you have any questions about development don't hesitate to post them below!

Stage 3 - Weekly update 3

Hey everyone we have come up with some pretty cool updates this week. You can now change combat stances and see the changes in a more visual way! Also a new map has been added where you will do the majority of the upgrades of your characters and select the level you want to enter.


  • Added camera shake, hit particles and force feedback when hit by an attack.
  • You are now able to enter the Hub map and use the portals to enter and exit different levels.
  • Added hero death animations that activate depending on the position where he was hit.
  • Target system improvements, attacking an enemy will activate lock on automatically.
  • Added new Main Menu screen.
  • Main Menu and Title screen now work with Gamepad controller.
  • Added Healing room.
  • Player's damage is now shown in the HUD.
  • Implemented Quick Slots functionality.
  • Migrated Inventory and Items classes to C++
  • You can now use Grid Inventory.


Visual Arts

  • Added extra animations to death states.
  • Added transitions to animate three combat stances.
  • You can now see different effects for each combat stance.
  • Added hit VFX when attacking an enemy.
  • Improved brightness in some Particle Systems.

That's all for this week! Hope you like the new updates, until next time!

Stage 3 - Weekly update 1

Hey everyone! Starting from today we will start to show you the progress of Stage 3 through these weekly updates. This week comes with very few updates but very important ones on stability and performance of the game.


  • Fixed Boss combat behavior.
  • Fixed bug that made the spawning algorithm ignore the weights assigned to each room.
  • Improved procedural generation performance.
  • Barrels can now drop loot.
  • You can now use the inventory Menu.
  • Implemented framework for Spawning Items, Drop Rate and Inventory.
  • Improved UI performance. 


Visual Arts

  • Design of the new Wizard type enemies.
  • Added new UI Temporal Icons for the Inventory system.
  • New Stance selection HUD.
  • New Sanity bar HUD.
  • Improved fire and perfect block particle systems.
  • Added insanity particle system.
  • Added Wave Swing special effect.
  • Started to create new set of swords of "Common" type.
  • Improvement on the Running cycle animation.


Game Design

  • Added special rooms where the player will need special gems to be opened.
  • Stances can now level up to give new and special attributes to the player.
  • You can now encounter statues that can morph into a living enemy.
  • Added new chests to get special rewards.

Thanks for taking a look, until next week!