Free Resources

Here are some free resources to use while you are creating an awesome game. We will continue to update this page and give you more resources, tutorials and more!

Want something that is not here? Let us know!

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Free Unreal Engine 4 Master Material

Create levels FAST with this Unreal Engine 4 Master Material and take your scene to the next level!

This is a FREE Unreal Engine 4 master material to use it in your own projects.

It can blend between 2 surfaces using vertex painting, add moss on top and paint puddles or wet surfaces.

Documentation is included so you can learn to use it right away.

The material doesn't come with any textures.

Baby dragons

This pack contains a little baby dragon along with textures and materials. You can also read the tutorial on how to create multiple variations with Materials for your characters here!

Enemy Knights

Need some knights for your game? You can use these to start kicking some enemies ass! These are game ready assets with PBR textures ready to be rigged the way you want. Let us know if you are creating something cool with them! We love watching what other people can do with our content and make them their own.