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Modular Fantasy Knights


  • With 59 skeletal meshes it is possible to choose between unlimited combinations to create a unique fantasy knight.

  • Swap between different types of pieces and put new materials to create an unique character for your game.

  • Works with any animation package that uses the Unreal Mannequin, so it is compatible with all the animations provided in the Unreal Marketplace.

  • Comes with different presets like the Dark Knight, Platinum armor and Bronze armor. The characters have master materials that are flexible enough to create any look you need, from changing different colors to damage armor and cover the entire armor with blood.

  • Included APEX Cloth system and a fantasy sword that fits the art style of the characters so you can use them right away in your projects.

Hoverbike System


  • This package allows you to ride a futuristic hoverbike and customize it the way you wish

  • It comes with Materials (PC and Mobile) highly customizables, particle systems, sound effects, animations, Animation Blueprints and Blendspaces.

  • The system integrates a spawn system, third and first person cameras, damage and destroy functionalities, turbo mode and acceleration.

  • This package is 100% drag and drop, ready to use in any kind of game.

Iconic Pickup Items


  • This pack contains a complete Blueprint solution to create Pickup items in your games right away.

  • More than 30 Static meshes and 100% Drag and drop.

  • In this pack you will get many meshes such as stars, hearts, gems, bananas, pears, mangos, sword, armour, bags with coins and a crate to use it to spawn items.

  • All the Blueprints are very easy to understand and are documented

Ready, Platform, Go!


  • This package comes with a complete blueprint solution to create any platform for your games, 100% drag and drop and highly customizable!

  • Multiple static meshes.

  • Materials for each platform.

Customizable Deadly Traps


  • This pack contains multiple trap meshes and a complete Blueprint solution which makes them 100% drag and drop, ready to use in your games.

  • From Spike traps, to Guillotines, this pack has it all!

Enemy Knights

This pack contains 2 Fantasy knight characters. Fully textured with Metalness workflow and comes with additional maps to modify their textures to your needs!

  • Enemy Knight 01 comes with 4k Baked maps.

  • Enemy Knight 02 comes with 2k Baked maps.

Baby Dragon

This pack contains a little baby dragon along with textures and materials. You can also read the tutorial on how to create multiple variations with Materials for your characters here!