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Hoverbike System


What can be cooler than having a hoverbike in your game? No matter which game you've played, it is always nice to ride a vehicle that doesn't need wheels, uh?

If you want to create a racing game that needs any kind of futuristic bike that is allowed to levitate, then this is the package you need. This is the ready to go solution that comes with a complete framework to drive a hoverbike, from Blueprints to Game ready assets ready to use right away in your projects.

Modular Knights


What do Dark Souls and Diablo have in common? They all have a really bad ass knight character that fits into a fantasy world. There is nothing cooler than having a fantasy knight in your own game and this package gives you just that.

What is even better than having a fantasy knight in your game? Having several ones! If this is what you are looking for, then this package is made right just for you.

Deadly Traps


Oh, no! It’s a trap! You know that feeling when you get surprised in a game when you need to avoid an obstacle without previous notice. Having traps in your game will just make it more fun and more challenging for the players. They are a perfect fit if you are creating a platform game and it will take your game to the next level.

There is nothing more fun than having to go from one objective to another while trying to avoid different traps in the level. And we know yours is fun as hell!

Fantasy Knight


Knights are such a common theme for game. Common but awesome. When you have a medieval fantasy character in your game you can create the wildest fights like you see in the Fate series or in Final Fantasy.

There is some kind of mystery in the man behind the armor. We tested it for you before and it works like a charm. Games will simply look cooler with it. Want to have it in your game?

Ready Platforms


Have you seen a platformer game without platforms? They are simple yet very effective, right? That feeling when you will ride into something that will take you to where you couldn’t go before. Or maybe you are running for your life while all the floors are falling down!

Platforms are great to make your game more fun and challenging for the player. Wouldn’t be great to have a complete solution for that in your game?

Iconic Pickup Items


What are the most iconic pickup items you have seen in games? Stars? Coins? Hearts? You name it! There’s something really cool about picking up objects in games and give you a great feeling when you do. Doesn’t matter if is a dungeon crawler or a shooter game, people ALWAYS want to pick up items.

It’s almost a must to have these in any game. Simple to create, yet they give huge benefits. And when you add the sounds and the animations they take your game to the next level!